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Retaining the unique, creating that something special

Civil engineering Historic buildings. The restoration of a historic building often involves a large number of surprises and therefore requires a sensitive touch and the right selection of techniques, materials and tools.

Based on our many years of experience in this area, we develop solutions specifically matched to the related object that optimally retain and complement the existing substance of the building.

Modernisation and improvement

Whether compliance with energy regulation s and emission limits, the improvement of living space, damp-proofing, extensions and conversions or improvements and repairs: based on our many years of experience in a very wide range of projects the services we provide cover many tasks that make old buildings into something special again.

Civil engineering, whether major or minor. We have a passion for special buildings. However the challenge is also often hidden in the detail, so that "small" jobs are at least as gripping as the large one.

The fact that we are just as reliable and produce work that is of the same high quality, whether the work is major or minor, is for us as much a matter of course as perfect service - also long after the hand-over of the keys.

Stempfle Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH con look back at more than 80 years of experience in construction and the related technologies, and in the region is regarded as a reliable and capable partner. Along with "normal" construction work, the challenging restoration of historic or listed buildings is a key activity for this organisation rich in tradition. The company is based in Augsburg, a city more than 2000 years old in which many styles have left their mark.

More than 45 committed staff maintain a pool of knowledge derived from project experience and continuously combine it with the latest innovations and new developments. Implementation is always based on exceptional quality and sustainability.

"Sound consultation, reliable service and conscientious execution are the centre of every project for us - whether the construction of a large complex or a simple improvement. Thanks to our experience and the extensive specialist skills of our staff, we are able to react very flexibly during the work and we are also able to optimally adapt to challenging constructions schedules.

(Alexander Hopfenzitz, General Manager

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